VietFIS staff contribute their individual talents and skills to make the company a truly dynamic, independent and forward-thinking organisation. There is no one VietFIS employee. We all share a drive for creating value and servicing clients.  We don't look for one academic past or one previous work experience path, but the ambition to be the best.  

Our core values are independence, innovation and quality. These values reinforce the importance of our employees, emphasise our meritocratic structure, encourage flexibility and flair, and ensure that our independent nature is reflected in everything we do with our colleagues, our clients and our broader stakeholders across the marketplace. 

Job Opportunities

What do we expect from VietFIS employees?

VietFIS employees are continuously encouraged to demonstrate innovation and creativity within our data processing, data mining, research  areas, along with the functions that support these business lines. This offers VietFIS employees a distinctive career experience in the financial services industry.

As a business focused on Asia, where varying markets, social and cultural factors can be volatile and often challenging, candidates we look to employ must be adventurous, imaginative, proactive and driven by a strong sense of accomplishment. This means the people we hire are individuals - not simply clones from the same mould.

What benefits do we offer?

In addition to excellent benefits, VietFIS's unique ownership structure ensures employees understand their contribution to the company's strategic ambitions. Accordingly, we ensure that the rewards for working in a competitive, fast-paced and exciting environment are also provided - not just financially, but with career progression and personal development.