For years, VietFIS've been offering high quality data processing and data mining service in financial industry to many well-known financial data and news service vendors.
VietFIS Research Data Services (VFRDS) aims to be a leading data research platform and business intelligence tool for over institutional and individual clients around the world. We provide single-point access to huge volume of data covering Finance and Economics.
Being a pioneer Vietnamese firm regarding financial information, VietFIS has provided high-quality data-mining service to foreign partners and to those who need detailed technical analysis
ISTATS is the most comprehensive series of financial figures, ratios and qualitative assessments compiled on an industry-wide level. It is designed specifically to assist companies in assessing both past and present performance as well as to project the direction of a particular industry.
VietFIS provides high quality, consistent Financial Translation Services at competitive rates. We have wide-ranging experience across the whole spectrum of the financial services industry, from stock market, banking and insurance to asset management.